Ready to Organize Your Digital Life?

Are you ready to make better and more content in less time? Do you need tested systems that help you organize your digital life?  If you’re ready to work faster and save a lot of time, welcome to Mind Tech & Soul.

Mind, Tech & Soul launched in 2017 as a community for creativepreneurs, bloggers and social media influencers who want to organize their digital life. This site is a growing collective of digital decluttering rockstars from all around the world.

Who am I?

Tia MorrisonMy name is Tia Morrison and I want to help you organize your digital life.

I’m a tech nerd, planner addict, and organization hacker.

I started Mind Tech & Soul because my digital life is a mess. I’m a video editor, blogger, social media content creator and university student. Naturally, my digital life is not organized. In summer 2016, I googled for solutions and came up with no strategic systems to help me organize my digital life. All I wanted was to save time and create more content online. But, I knew I could only do that if my passwords were organized, notes were not all over the place and my folders and files were correctly labeled & decluttered. In 2017, I decided to launch Mind Tech & Soul. I created this blog to keep myself accountable and share hacks to help others declutter their digital life fast.

Whether you’re super messy or highly-organized, these strategies and methods are unique and will work for you! 

When I’m not working on this epic blog for epic people like you, I hoop, run 5ks, walk my dog, binge on vegan food at restaurants in Toronto with my friends, read a lot of self-help and fantasy books, take photos at Church in Toronto, make YouTube videos and go to anime conventions.

How I Want to Help You

Mind Tech & Soul provides quick how-to posts, challenges, courses and tips to organize your digital life FAST and EASILY with hacks that work. Also, I test each hack on myself before I post.

If you love saving time, being productive and working in a clean environment, you’ll feel right at home here. These posts will help you declutter your apps, bookmarks, email accounts, files, folders, social media accounts, smartphone, and passwords. Occasionally, I also give you app recommendations.

Plus, Mind Tech & Soul has an engaged and supportive community of ambitious and encouraging entrepreneurs just like you.

Blog Posts and Content I Currently Offer

1. Blogging and Business Tips
2. Computer and Phone Organization Tips
3. Internet Organization Tips
4. Social Media Systems
5. Tech Advice and Tutorials

What You Can Do Next

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