Do you have a business? Are you an online personality? Is your Facebook page branded to reflect who you are or what your business is?

Your Facebook page should not give you a headache every time you look at it. If you want to declutter your Facebook page and get it organized, you must remove the unnecessary. The key to a Facebook page that looks great is to add essential info and photos that explain your brand to new audiences.

Step 1: Delete Posts

If there are any posts that are off-brand or poorly reflect your business, remove them. Scroll through your timeline and remove any posts that don’t make you feel confident in your Facebook page.

Step 2: Take a Headshot or Design a Logo

With the new Facebook layout, it’s important that you have a logo or headshot that pops. Get a high-quality camera and take a friendly, professional photo of you looking into the camera or a shot that shows off your personality or you working. For a logo, make sure any details in it are not too small and fill the avatar size completely.

Just a Girl and Her Blog Facebook Banner
Just a Girl and Her Blog
Whatever Bright Things Facebook Banner
Whatever Bright Things

To get the perfect Facebook logo or headshot size, crop or resize your image to these Facebook avatar dimensions:

168px x 168px

Now, upload right away and set this as your new image. Caption it with a short summary of who you are or your website, instead of leaving it empty.

Step 3: Make Your Banner Work for You

Your Facebook banner need to be bold and exciting. You can use Photoshop, Canva, Gimp, PicMonkey or another photo editor to design one.


First, you need to create a banner that has Facebook’s banner dimensions:

828px X 315px

This is important so that none of the information in your banner is cropped out and everything fits neatly on the page.

A lot of people put their business name or their name in bold in their banner, with their social media details.

Step 4: Write Fun Descriptions About What Visitors Gain

Scroll down to your about section. Click SEE MORE to go to your About settings page.

Then, click EDIT PAGE INFO. 

Here, you can add information about your business or you, and how you may interest the person stumbling upon your page. Most people’s goal is to encourage people to like their page or guide them to a place where they want them to pay attention to.

Here are some examples of Facebook descriptions:

Elle & Company Facebook Description
Elle & Company Facebook Description
Just a Girl & Her Blog Facebook Description
Just a Girl & Her Blog Facebook Description
Grit & Virtue Facebook Description
Grit & Virtue Facebook Description
ByRegina Facebook Description
ByRegina Facebook Description

Step 5: Review your Facebook Page Settings

This is incredibly important, and in many cases, should be the first step to take when you create a Facebook page.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook settings, and fill in as much detail there as possible.

Go to[username]/settings

Step 2: Assign the correct category to your page.

Go to[username]/about/

Step 3: Add target audience details.

Go to[username]/settings/?tab=preferred_audience

Step 4: Fill in email and website information.

Go to[username]/about/

Step 5: Fill in as much information as possible and spell-check to ensure everything is neat and looks good.

[bctt tweet=”The key is to not obsess and not make everything perfect.” username=”mindtechandsoul”]

It should just be there and be truthful. It should make sense. If it does, perfect, you are on the right track to an organized Facebook page that you can be proud of.

Step 6: Delete or Archive Old Messages

If you want a fresh start, archive old messages or delete messages that are no longer necessary on your Facebook page. It keeps things organized and more focused going forward.

Step 7: Upload Relevant Photos for Brand

If you are selling a product or have photos that show behind the scenes, upload those images to your Facebook page.

Megan Minns' Facebook Photos
Megan Minns’ Facebook Photos

Step 8: Add social media buttons to your Facebook page

There are two methods: You can add social media tabs to your Facebook page by making an account at and creating a Static Tab for free.

What a lot of super branded and nice looking Facebook pages do, is after they add social media buttons to their page, they replace the buttons.

Step 9: Add a Video

Facebook places featured videos at the top of your page’s feed. If you want to go the extra mile with your page, produce a 30 second video that shows off personality and information as to why someone should like your page, and add it there.

Lavendaire's Facebook Video
Lavendaire’s Facebook Video

If you have a channel, you can add your channel trailer video or a video you’re proud of. The options are limitless, but fun and shorter videos will maintain attention the longest.

Step 10: Invite Your Friends to Like Your Page

There are many posts showing you how to build your Facebook page numbers, this post does not teach you how to do that, but as a way to pat yourself on the back after creating an impressive and neat Facebook page, make sure to invite as many friends as possible to check it out.

Share it on your personal Facebook profile with the same fun description you use on your Facebook page.

What’s your Facebook description? Share it below.


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