Do you want to increase your productivity?  If there’s one thing I’ve discovered on this journey to organize my digital life is that it has remarkable benefits on productivity. One of the things that might be stopping you from decluttering your digital life is time and not knowing where to begin.

There are 20 things that you can do today to organize your digital life. You may not be able to get everything done today, but you can certainly get at least one item on this list done. I promise you’ll feel so much better once you do.

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1. Organize Your Password Manager

If you don’t have a password manager, get one. LastPass and iPassword are the password managers that I use to organize my passwords. If you’ve been using a password manager for awhile then you’re manager may look a lot like mine – messy.

Let’s sort our website logins into folders which both LastPass and iPassword provide. Oh, and make sure the passwords and usernames you have saved in your password manager are correct.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to log in with a saved password that was completely wrong. The time I have lost setting new passwords is ridiculous.

Why should you organize your password manager? Simple. It’s secure and is a defense against hackers. You can generate complex passwords and the manager will save these passwords for you, which will make it more difficult for people to hack your accounts.

You can add LastPass or iPassword extensions to Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. The reasons are endless. I’ll make another blog post listing all the benefits of password managers.

2. Delete, Rename & Organize Your Files and Folders


The foundation of an organized computer is its files and folders. If your files and folders have clear and accurate labels, then your productivity will increase. You will find the files and folders you need faster. As a result, you’ll create more content and products for your blog and business.

You will find the files and folders you need faster. As a result, you’ll create more content and products for your blog and business. Who doesn’t want to do that?

I’m currently working on a blog series that will teach you how to delete, bulk rename, and labels your files and folders. Currently, you can learn the best structure to name files on your computer and an easy way bulk rename files.

3. Organize & Declutter Your iTunes Music Player

Who loves music? In this age, we listen to most of our music on the computer and phone. Since Spotify blew up, people talk less about iTunes.

I love Spotify, but I definitely like to keep my music downloads organized in iTunes. For 3 years of my life, I made a yearly resolution to organize thousands of songs on my iTunes. I never did.

It wasn’t until December 2016 that I decided to write down what steps to take in order to finally have a beautiful and organized iTunes.

What was the secret? Delete songs I never listen to. For the serious music lovers out there and DJs, this may hurt…a bit.

But, if you want to truly enjoy your iTunes again, you need to remove the songs you don’t listen to. From there, you can clean up artist names, song titles, album names, add album covers (the best part!), and set ratings.

4. Clean Up Your Pinterest Profile

If you’re a blogger, your Pinterest profile is your business card. Make it look gorgeous. I’m currently working on updating Pinterest descriptions, tags, applying for rich pins and joining Pinterest group boards as a new blogger.

I’m definitely not a pro or prime example of a beautiful Pinterest profile, but I’d like to be one day. Let’s organize all the items mentioned above to have a clean Pinterest file.

Get rid of pins that are off-brand and create clearly labeled boards. If you want, you can organize your Pinterest boards alphabetically. Oh, and make sure to set a nice thumbnail cover for each Pinterest board.

This will really make your Pinterest profile look cohesive.

5. Declutter Your Twitter Feed

Twitter is the social hub for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and social media influencers. It’s the place to be if you want to generate conversation about a specific topic in your niche.

I’m working on my Twitter presence (slowly!), but over the years, I’ve noticed that Twitter is all about connecting with humans. It may be through Twitter Chats or reaching out to people you like via tweet replies or tweeting people active in hashtags relative to your niche.

I recommend you follow people related to the topic of your Twitter account. If you’re a blogger and you tweet about blogging, follow other bloggers. Fill your feed with relevant people first.

Random twitter accounts will fill up your feed quickly with things that will distract you and not provide value to your followers if you decide to retweet them.

I recommend Twitter Lists. Create lists and organize who you follow into lists.

Whether you’re starting from a fresh or old account, add people to specific lists (e.g. Bloggers, Readers, Podcasters etc.). Also, you may need to unfollow people who have no relevance to the brand you’re presenting on Twitter.

Also, you may need to unfollow people who have no relevance to the brand you’re presenting on Twitter.

6. Clean Up Your Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page? Does it clearly explain who you are and how you help people? Do you have a branded  Facebook banner and high-quality profile photo? If you don’t, this may be one of the things you need to organize first.

If you don’t, this may be one of the things you need to organize first.

Clean up any old posts that don’t represent your brand. Update your banner and profile photo. Review you page settings. Add contact information and detailed about content.

7. Declutter Your Instagram

Whether it’s your business or personal Instagram account, it’s time to declutter. Based on the account you’re using, unfollow accounts that don’t relate to the theme of your account (e..g blogging, a certain photo style you like).

You want to look at your feed and be inspired, not distracted. Update your Instagram description – make it spunky and uniquely you. Also, make sure it is business friendly so you can be easy to contact.

I’m currently working on automating Instagram content schedule for my business and personal account.

Choose an Instagram schedule, I like to use Later (it’s free!) and search for an app that allows you to preview your feed before you post. Add descriptions that reveal aspects of who you are before you post.

Create a list of the types of photos you plan to post (e.g. blog posts, food, office space, dance videos) and create a list of popular/specific tags relevant to the different types of photos you plan to post.

Save that list to your notes app on your phone, so you can copy and paste these hashtags at any time. Sound, peachy?

8. Get Automated with Social Media & Blogging

Girl, I need to automate social media and blogging too. Some of us have the privilege of being full-time Bloggers or Social Media Influences, but most of us are doing this part time.

Getting automated takes time. I wish you could just take one day to have automated quality content, but it takes time!

For a blog, it may take you a month to get ahead of schedule with automated blog posts, and if you want to step it up a level, an automated newsletter too.

When it comes to social media, you need to batch take photos for Instagram,  batch film videos for YouTube and automate heaps of Pinterest pins to have apps like BoardBooster or Tailwind do the work for you.

Other social media accounts you can automate are Facebook and Twitter. You can use PostPlanner to automate your Facebook posts and Twitter (Buffer is also a good free option).

Decide on the type of content you want to post. Think about the things that will mean a lot to your readers, and provide value.

Create a schedule of ideas that will provide value daily. Share the same things in different formats on all your social media platforms on the same day.

9. Delete Barely Used Apps from Phone

I love testing new apps all the time. Eventually, I’d like to start doing app reviews on this blog to recommend apps that will boost your digital productivity instead of hinder it.

The issue is that when you download a lot of new apps, you acquire apps that you don’t actually use. Before you know it, you have less space on your phone and your phone is dying a lot quicker.

Internally you may not realize it, but you’re getting stressed out by the sight of all the unused apps. Delete these apps. Just delete them and focus on the apps that you actually use.

10. Set a New Wallpaper on Your Desktop

Wallpapers can make an old computer feel brand new. It can look beautiful on a big or small display, and complement any room you view it on your computer screen in.

Pinterest has a great search engine where you can find an abundance of beautiful and chic wallpapers to dress up your desktop.

11. Use a Finance Tracker App to Track Spending

Get your finances organized! Apps such as Mint or You Need a Budget can seriously get you focused on your finances.

Choose ONE finance tracker and stick to it. Set a daily habit to review your finances daily, and update your budget numbers monthly.

12. Delete Old Tumblrs & Other Website Account

Are you like me and have 6 tumblrs, and use 1-2 of them sometimes? Sadly, Tumblr is becoming less popular. You may want to delete tumblrs that you don’t use anymore.

Or, if you are website happy and tend to join a lot of websites, make an inventory of websites you’ve used in past, and close some of these accounts.

One way is to type your usernames or name in Google and you’ll see where you pop up. Close any accounts or delete any posts that you don’t want people associating with you or your brand.

13. Use to unsubscribe from newsletters

The secret to unsubscribing from a massive amount of newsletter is a little app called You can quickly unsubscribe from a massive amount of newsletters.

If you’re subscribed to this blog, don’t unroll from us, though! I’ll miss you.

14. Create specific folders in your Email to archive emails for the future

Girl, have you signed up for my free email course Inbox to Zero? In this email course, I teach you how to get your inbox emails to ZERO (or at least very close to). I will announce the launch of this course to my email subscribers and regular readers.

15. If you have filters for your email, delete and clean to reset lost emails

I’m sure not everyone knows what email filters are (unless you took the Inbox to Zero course or are already Google Mail savvy.) If you have filters, review the ones you have and delete filters you no longer use.

16. Clean your Email trash out and any emails that are now useless

Dump your email trash. If you haven’t thought about a certain email for 6 months, delete it. Don’t sweat it, just dump it.

17. Set Helpful reminders on your phone

This can be annoying or helpful. It depends on the type of person you are. I’m NOT a fan of reminders of any sorts, BUT I know people who thrive off them.

This is on the list for those of you who need to set an organized list of habitual reminders to keep your life in check.

18. Kill notifications from as many apps on your phone and computer

As I mentioned in the point before, I’m not a fan of recommends of any kind. I have an insane obsession with killing notifications.

If you’ve been ignoring the app notifications that have popped up on your phone or computer screen, TODAY is the day you deactivate them.

Get over the F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out) and reduce your stress now. Each notification is like a dose of anxiety, especially if it provides no immediate gratification to you or you can’t keep up with your notifications.

19. Update your computer and phone software

Did you know that outdated computer and phones can significantly slow them down? Update your computer or phone today. Your computer/phone speed will increase.

20. Clean any dirt and grime from your computer, tablet or phone (get a cute cover)

This ain’t digital. This is just using a proper screen cleaner or a screen cleaner DIY. Get rid of the oil, grease, and grime. I’m writing this down to remind me to do that now because my laptop is getting crusty.

Overall, stop waiting to declutter your digital life. Choose ONE thing on this list to declutter for 20 minutes today and tweet me @MindTechandSoul. I promise you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

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