10 Easy Ways to Organize Your Phone

10 Ways to Organize Your Phone10 Steps to Clean and Organize Your Phone

You check your phone 85 times per day. If you’re a millennial, you check your phone more than 157 times per day!

You probably don’t realize it, but that’s a third of the time that you’re awake. How organized is your phone? Our phones have become our lives.

We hold everything from bank account apps to social media apps on our phone. It’s important that we maintain a clean, fast and organized phone so we can find the apps we love quickly, call people faster and create quality content on the go.

Here are 10 things you can do TODAY to organize your phone:

10 Simple Ways to Brand Your Facebook Page

Do you have a business? Are you an online personality? Is your Facebook page branded to reflect who you are or what your business is?

Your Facebook page should not give you a headache every time you look at it. If you want to declutter your Facebook page and get it organized, you must remove the unnecessary. The key to a Facebook page that looks great is to add essential info and photos that explain your brand to new audiences.